Day Trips




I decided to purchase an annual membership for Bournemouth Oceanarium again this year.  Etta is completely obsessed with fish since we got back from Australia – partly because we had the most amazing time visiting AQWA (see AQWA post) and also partly because she watched Finding Dory on loop for most of the flight back to England…

I bought Gold membership at the beginning of March as the Oceanarium has a special ‘locals’ discount to purchase the Gold membership at half price.  Although you could argue you’re paying for 12 months membership but only getting 10, this is still such great value for money as you get 4 free guest passes, and 25% of in the cafe/gift shop too (I think it’s important to reward myself with a large cappuccino!).  The four guest passes alone make the membership worth it, even if you were buying at full price.


The Oceanarium is set over two floors – with lots of fishy encounters along the way, and some non-fish, such as the Bob, the pig-nosed turtle (a firm favourite as he always makes the effort to come over and say hello), the cute cuddly otters, and the penguins.  On the ground floor is the underwater tunnel through the ‘Great Barrier Reef’ section where you get to see lots of different sharks and stingrays, and they’ve just placed two new turtles in here too.  We always take some time out to visit the little play area and gaze at the jellyfish in their UV glory.

Since buying the membership we’ve already been three times, so I think it’s safe to say we’ll have well and truly abused it by the end of the year!  Etta loves to spend time with the “fsh-ish-ish” and I get a large cappuccino at the end for 25% discount.  Win-win.

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