Easter Weekend

Etta has had a cough and cold all weekend, and she’s not been sleeping at night for coughing. But bless her heart, she is such a trouper and still in such good spirits despite feeling sleep deprived and pretty rubbish. Same cannot be said for me – I am longing for sleep! 

Yesterday we went to a toddler Easter party hosted by Olivia’s Mummy, Emily.  Emily is fantastic at organising fun things for the toddlers to do and I know she puts so much thought and effort into it, yet manages to make it all seamless! And when it’s turning chaotic – like when the kiddies run through the paint and straight onto her lovely hardwood floors, or when they lose interest in the Easter Egg hunt and decide to empty the watering can over each other instead, Emily is completely unfazed, whilst in her shoes I’d probably be having kittens!! 

Pre-Etta, I have always loved organising Easter Egg hunts for adults – where I do a treasure trail, each clue leading to a little egg and another clue, until discovering the main treasure. As Etta isn’t even 2 yet, I didn’t really think of doing an Easter egg hunt for her. 

However Emily’s Easter Egg hunt was aimed perfectly at the toddlers. She laid out little chicks and bunnies for the kiddies to run around the garden collecting in an Easter basket. It was adorable to watch them play and gather and share their treasures, without that possessiveness and competitive edge.

My highlight – Etta still being in the blissful phase where she doesn’t realise what chocolate is, so I got to eat all her Easter eggs!

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