Tried and Tested

HP Sprocket

So, I’ve been product testing for The Insiders a neat little product by HP called the HP Sprocket. It’s a portable printer about the size of an iPhone which prints your photographs straight from your iPhone. 

There are so many great things about the Sprocket. It’s small and compact. It prints in seconds (and quietly prints at that). It prints wirelessly via Bluetooth. I finally am getting round to printing off some of my favourite photos of my little Miss because it is so easy and simple to do. 

However, the best thing about this printer is – you never have to run out of ink or replace an ink cartridge! Whoop. To my mind, it works like magic – although I think the technical term is “ZINK technology” and this is high quality, inkless printing. Awesome magic fairy dust right there. 


The app itself is fun too – you can print photos from your Instagram feed… although if you crop your Instagram photo’s then you’ll get white borders round your print. I’m not a fan of the white border so if I want to print a photo I’m editing on Instagram I just ensure I keep it the original size taken by my iPhone. Alternatively there’s filters and the ability to edit and add text to your photos through the Sprocket app. You can also add fun little frames, emojis, text etc. Also the photos are printed with an easy-peel backing if you want to turn your snapshot into a sticker which is a fun little addition. 

As a thirty-something mum with a toddler who I’m permanently taking photos of, I absolutely love the Sprocket as I can print as I go, on the go, and be able to cherish those moments before they got lost in the depths of my camera roll. However I think this gadget would be ideal for all ages, and I can definitely see my 19 year old cousin trying to talk her way into “borrowing” my Sprocket to take back to uni with her!! 

Tried and tested, reviewed and recommended!! Big thumbs up from me. 

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