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Hi… I’m traveltripmum – Mamma to one adorable, active toddler, and one skittish, suspicious cat. 

I would say I’m an every-day (albeit slightly eccentric) mum, who is constantly striving to be a better, more creative mum. My heart wants to be a Pinterest-worthy mum… but my inability to manage my time effectively renders me a mum who is constantly wondering if the bulk-cooked pasta, broccoli and spinach I made at the beginning of the week (with the intention to freeze down), is still considered an exciting meal if it’s served for dinner for 3 nights running.

When I’m in the car I listen to Radio 4, Classic FM, and Radio 1. There’s nothing I like more than to truly confuse my toddler by switching from Gardener’s Question Time to Little Mix, then over to Pachelbel. She does get her revenge, however, as sometimes I’m only allowed to listen to The Wheels on The Bus on loop. 

I love being a mum, I love travelling and I love day trips, so I decided to combine my three loves into this blog.  My aim is to post about our adventures (past and present), life hacks (or life fails) with a toddler, and just generally document my attempts at negotiating life whilst finding my feet as a single mum. 

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This is a personal blog, so any views or opinions expressed on here are my own.

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